Please remember, this map is NOT to sca
We are also so far out in the country, that it is possible to arrive by helicopter!

This is a locator map.
This is the fun part:
 'How do we get to Solomon's Castle?'

The first thing to remember, is to make sure you have a full tank of gas before you leave civilization. We are pretty far out in the central part of Florida and there are not many gas stations out this way.
Also do not forget that we are closed on all Mondays and the months of July, August and September.
Our map is not a 'to scale map', it is just to show where we are in the state of Florida.
If you use your GPS, any GPS, it is going to drop you off in an orange grove three miles from us.
Contact Us
If lost, please call:
close up map of Florida
map of Florida
If you can put co-ordinates in your GPS, ours are:
N 27 22' 26.5"
W 081 58' 40.1"
if you use the address 4585 Solomon Road
that will at least put you on Solomon Road
4585 Solomon Road
Ona, Florida

will get you to the entrance gates on your GPS